Good Evening doctor, Thanks for the thoughtful advises. This is the 3rd time I am writing to you, and each time when I wrote I got valuable advises which has helped me in my relationship. This time too I am seeking your advice. I want your advice in dealing with this situation. Mine is a long distance love. He stays in different state and me in Hyderabad. He is very loving and caring; he gives me my own space. Moreover in a short time he taught me lot many things of life…but suddenly a disaster happened and I am the cause for it. Recently I have been to his place for a visit for one day. He came late to receive me almost an hour and half, without understanding the reason behind his delay (as I was very excited to meet him) I didn’t speak to him for almost an hour. But however things got patched up but the problem started next day. Actually both of us are going through tough times financially. I quit my job last month and his business isn’t doing so well. So understanding the financial limitations both of us have decided to spend only one day with each other. But the day of departure I wanted to stay for another day and I told him to manage the expenses for the day as well. Initially I requested him but later I lost my cool, to be honest when I think about my behavior it was disgusting, shabby and what not. I had very tough tone (actually I quit my job and was feeling very lonely, and I was desperate to be with him and enjoy the day so that I can carry the positivism when I go back to my place) I told him manage today’s expense and I want to stay with you, he quoted such things cannot happen suddenly and it has to be planned prior. But I didn’t listen, I said you can’t manage my expenses for one day, he said I love to spend time with you but unfortunately situation doesn’t permit. I quoted stating how you are managing your office rent, your car petrol and other things. You are managing all other expenses as they are mandatory and why don’t you consider my stay also mandatory. He said now let’s not fight on such things, whatever time is left out let’s spend it happily. I don’t know what happened. (I feel the worry of being jobless has caused me lot of tension which I reflected on him) but I dragged things so drastically that he got cheesed off. Even while checking out if didn’t hug or kiss him, and while getting down at the airport I didn’t even turn back and say bye. But after I got into the airport lobby I realized my mistake. Once I reached in the night, I called him seeking apology and sorry….but he was very firm. He said he can’t forgive me for the behavior I exhibited…I tried to explain him that my intention was not to hurt his feelings but it was my desperateness to be with him. But he quoted stating he was shocked by my attitude and now he states he needs time to think over the relationship. After 3days of continuous requests he did forgive me from my mistake… the incident happened just last Thursday (November 19th) and he did forgive me on 22nd. But since then he is not been what he was before. He talks very formally, he doesn’t say love you too…I need your advice to help me how do I convey to him that my intention was spontaneous and never meant to hurt him. I need his love and warmth…when I say why don’t you be the way you were before he states that he needs his own time to come back to normalcy. Please help me understanding where this relationship is leading to. I don’t want to lose him…..I want him to know my sorry was for genuine. Please help.

Once you honestly confessed and apologies, you need not to keep on doing that over and over again. Give him some time to recover from this. Meanwhile keep things normal from your side.