Dr I don’t know from were to start, I feel really lonely even when I have a husband as he has never given much attention to my feelings I used to tell him but he never changed, we don’t have kids, I don’t have friends, now he has taken job abroad for our better future I cant go over there its not allowed. Because of my husbands behavior I am attracted to someone but he is younger to me, first he used to take care a lot , we hardly had any desire for sex (six months or so) I am so attached to him , but after four years I found him changing I don’t know why but he stared ignoring me. we had lots of fight he started using harsh words to me ,keeping my questions unanswered after that he used to come and patched up things he is not ready to leave me I am also so attached I used to say ok. After 1 1/2 year I found he had girlfriend & he wanted to marry her but I don’t understand why he tortured me for this 1 1/2 year because of these fights and home conditions I feel so depressed cant sleep , eat , cant mix up with people , thinking about same person continuously. Is it possible to get rid of this , I don’t know fm last 1 1/2 years things are getting worse, I am expecting things to be happen , and they are not happening always. I am just fade up with things is there any medicine for depression please suggest me. I want to get rid of this , my feelings are so mixed up I don’t know what to do, why I am so attach to him so and he doesn’t feel anything. I cry daily, I feel like dying we work in same office, I really don’t want to go there but if I will be seating at home things will get worse. I can’t handle his ignorance we meet but it’s like some work for him but while having sex he was totally into it, I feel he is selfish I want to get rid of him but not able to. Thinking about him every time like why he doesn’t take care of me why we are not happy together why we are not talking, why he is so selfish there are many things of him which bothers me but what should I do I love him so much I am not able to leave him but his ignorance is unbearable for me. I once handled my husband now his I don’t know what to do I am so depressed I cried loudly so many time in a day for last 2 years now my face is also shows everything i am not able to hide anything , I have not smiled for so many days. (Now in addition to that I feel jealous & very angry also for him I am so scared what to do) please help.

Both of you are in this relationship for different reasons you might have developed this relation for emotional needs where as he might have been just attracted and not in love with you. Also on the onset of your relation you should have considered that he is unmarried and at some time in future he was to withdraw from this relation. The lack of emotional support (ignorance) may be very difficult for you to handle for you. Your complaints indicate depressive symptoms hence you must consult a psychiatrist nearby.