Dr. I am 31 years old & having happy married life since past 7 years. Now I am doing graduation which is of 2 years so for that I have to stay outside from my family .Now 1 year has passed. In that time a boy who is 25 years old is my neighbor .At beginning we are just giving smile to each other. Later on he helped me many times that is why I am talking with him freely & sharing my problems with him .We are sending SMS to each other but as formal like friend. He is also studying in same college. He knows my family. My Husband is also talked with him & also knows we are friend. This guy has a girlfriend, both loves each other but not going to marry. He discusses all things with me & I was giving suggestion to him. After words I am finding that am getting involved in that guy. I was thinking about his problems & getting upset .When we are leaving each other I cried a lot that time I realized that I was missing him. After 3 months again I saw him there but he ignored me .He knew that I am caring & missing him. I tried to talk but he did not show any interest. That time I felt very guilty. I was confused about his behavior which disturbed my life. Then after 6 months again he met me & talked with me & told me he behaves this because He wants to see me happy by forgetting him. I accepted this but still I am confused whether, he does for seeing me happy or any other reason is there? Because of his behaviour I am feeling guilty whether missing any one is bad? I don’t know how I face that guy when he meets again but still I am crying for all that happened. Please help me to come out from this.

You need not feel guilty about missing anyone. As missing someone who is emotionally significant to us is not bad. As such you are married and cannot afford to be in an emotional relationship, outside your marriage. And if he is going away from you it is a reasonable thing to do under this situation so let the time pass and you grow out of this.