Dr. Doctor, I am fan of your article. regularly I read it. I like it most. Specially on relation between men and women. Here, I want to mention my one problem. before that I have to give u my brief history. I am 28 years old male. basically Gujarati. I have done engineering. at present doing job as a computer engineer in MNC at Pune. during my entire education life I have been a brilliant. I never failed even for a one time and always passed with first class. My problem starts now. for last 1-2 yrs , at an interval of 10-15 days , at night I dreaming that I have an exam and I dont even remember exam time table and I dont have proper/enough preparation of exam. I become late at exam center and when I read Question Paper , I feel that I dont know answer of any asked question. I got frustrated and started to feel sad and leave exam room and started worrying. for your reference I would like to inform u that as I said earlier this things never happened in my past life. however why this dream come to me? I give little more intro about my nature and personality so that u will be able to understand my problem and give proper solution. My sun sign is Taurus and Moon sign is pices. I am Honest, Frank, Straight forward, practical person. having strong determination, strongly believe in reality. Can u give the solution or atleast reason of my problem that why this dream come to me?

Dreams are usually weird and absurd. It may have some definite meaning or may be vague. Dream analysis is very interesting branch of psychology and requires much more details for analysis. What you are having, is called anxiety dreams. It may be result of stress and anxiety (as I said detail analysis require lot of other information from your present and past life). You need to get relaxed. Even if you feel that you are relaxed, probably you are not, subconsciously. Start doing relaxation exercises like Savasan, Makrasan, Progressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis etc before going to bed. Bhramri pranayam and omkar can also help you. You may listen to light music while going for a sleep.Your sun sign has nothing to do with it.