Dear Sir, Please help me out, I’m sure you will give me an appropriate solution. I will accept and follow whatever you suggest. As I have developed a lot of faith from your solutions. We are married for 4 years, have a son of 3 years. My husband and in laws do not get a long with my parents and hence they prevented me too from going to my parents house. But this became possible after you suggested me to be firm. I and my child now freely attend all my parents’ side functions. But my problem is sir, when I attend my family functions I feel very embarrassed as most of the crowd asks why my husband has not come along with me. I at times cry inwardly but don’t express. It pains me a lot, I feel his absence. My parents tell me that in order to teach my husband a lesson I should not accompany him for any of his family functions. Will it be right to react in such Manner? But I do accompany him everywhere. I’m not sure sir, if I’m asking too much, as it is rightly said man’s needs always increase. I very often tell my self that I need to learn to move out without him. I tell myself that I should not ask for more. I just don’t know what’s right sir. Is there anyway that I help my husband accompany me for my family Occasions? Please help sir. Thanks

I think you have to learn to go without him at present as he has allowed you to visit your parents. If you will force him to accompany you or deny accompanying him then he will think that you are spreading your wings and things will worsen. You may talk to him on this issue after few months.