Dear Sir, My problem is that sometime I become confused while taking decision, Specially decision for important matter like Career and Marriage. Now I have looked one girl for marriage. She is OK in almost all view (i.e. looks, education etc.).She has selected me but I am confused. I like her but I am confused to say Yes or No. I can’t take decision. The main reason is that most of the time it happened to me that after taking decision I feel that I should not take such decision. In other word, my mind gets swing/ reversed. Therefore, this time I am over conscious about decision for selecting this girl for marriage. I am scared that what will happen if my mind again gets reverse after taking decision. However, I have strong determination and I do whatever I have decided but in some cases, I become confused like Carrier and Marriage decision as said earlier. Pls help me that how to come out of this problem?

Indecisiveness is a common problem. To become confident about your decisions, you have to start taking decisions rather then escaping out or postponing. Every time you will not go wrong. Positive decisions will surely boost you up. You need not to keep analyzing your decisions, which will make you weak. You may go wrong some time but you will learn in process. That is what we call experience. You may discuss with sensible people surrounding you, this will help in making decision.
To ease your decision-making in case of life partner, make a list of qualities that you require in your life partner. See how much that girl fits into it. If you are satisfied by your criteria, go ahead.