Dear Sir, my problem is regarding my career. I completed my hotel management in 2007 and worked for 6 months in McDonalds then left the job because I didn’t like it. Again I worked in a call centre in Delhi for one and half years and left the job because I was not getting satisfaction and I could not see a long career in it. I resigned in May 2009 and came back to my native place Lucknow and started preparing for bank examinations. Now the problem is that it’s over 8 months now but I am not serious about my studies. Since I have no great academic record I need to work really hard and give more and more time to my studies to complete the examination. I am 24 and I know I don’t have much time to experiment and need to get a good job as soon as possible and settle in life. I have all these things in my mind and I can imagine the consequences if I will not get a good job but still I am not serious and able to concentrate on my studies. I waste my time in unnecessary things. I sleep a lot, chat with friends etc. I decide everyday that from now onwards I will work hard and concentrate on my studies but everything in vain. I am ignoring the truth completely. Even I don’t have very strong family background. Sir, please advice and guide me how can I increase my concentration and spend more and more time in studies to get a good job as soon as possible. I don’t want to ruin my career and my life. Please help me. Thanks.

First of all make a note of your distractions. Chart out a plan to manage them and implement it. Initially you may find difficult to stick to it but with repeated efforts you can achieve this. Everyday while you wake up, first thing you should do is to give auto suggestions to yourself that you have to manage your distractions by any means and you cannot afford to lose control on them.