Dear Sir, Its 5 years that we are married but since the birth of our daughter (4 years) my husband refuses to have sex with me. When I asked him the reason he says that he doesn’t like my behavior, the way I react when I am corrected. Dr for all these years I have somehow managed to stay without a physical relationship but things are getting worse for me. He does not even talk properly to me, does not spend time with me he is a businessman by profession. At times I feel probably stree is keeping him away from me. I cry throughout the night. I’m just fed up. I crave for his love & affection. How do I get my husband back? I really love him a lot. Please help me sir, please. It’s a long time now. I have not enjoyed my married life at all. He also tells me at times that his parents are not happy with the effort I’m putting in managing the home & that too makes him stay away from me. What’s the exact problem Dr I need your urgent help. I shall be ever grateful to you. Thanks Dr.

He seems to be exploiting you on your sexual desire. This is how he might be pressurizing you to change the way he wants. If you think that you need to improve your behaviour then work in that direction. At the same time stop demanding or craving for his love or sex. Let him become impatient about why you have stopped craving for sexual relationship. He might be involved somewhere is also a possibility.