Dear Sir, I want to know about “Nadi Dosh”. Usually in our Country, for marriage, people use to do match making and try to match kundli/horoscope of bride & groom. In that match making if “Nadi” of both comes the same (i.e. madhya-madhya or antya-antya) people refere it as “Nadi Dosh” and avoid to make that relation. It is believed that if that couple get married even if they have “Nadi Dosh” they will have problem in future to have child or they will have child late or will have child with some defect etc.This belief is based on Astrology point of view. I want to know the exact medical scientific reason behind this “Nadi Dosh”

Faith in Horoscope goes with your belief system. Except Hindus no one believes in horoscope matching for marriage and still life is on for them. I have seen numbers of couple with Nadi Dosh having normal healthy kids and without Nadi Dosh having no kids. It has no connection with medical science.