Dear Sir, I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 4 years now, before we completed 4 years we had split due to religion issues on mutual understanding, after a lot of pursuing, she did come back to me, now after around 6 months after we split she says that she wants some time alone to think about what she exactly wants and she wants time alone so that she can miss me, like it was in the earlier years of our relationship. After we had split she started having feelings for another guy because he made her feel good about herself, but did not want to get into a relationship with me, because she says she loves me. Now I fear to give her time to be alone thinking that the feelings for another guy may just come again. She says that she is confident about what she wants and will get back to me. I am a one woman man kind of types and do love her a lot and intend to marry her. I do want a happy relationship. Please help.

You should allow her the time she wants, without having a fear of losing her. If by chance she goes away from you then this relationship was not worth continuing. You cannot compel her to love you by imposing yourself on her (i.e. by not giving her the time which she wants).