Dear Sir, I really appreciate the services you are providing to the society and that too free! I am 34 yr old housewife. I am married since last 10 yrs and have one daughter. In my past time, I’m doing online trading of stocks. I have earned quiet a lot in that. But recently in this bearish market, my stocks are not doing well and I have runned into the losses. I suppose, every one who are into the stock trading is sailing in the same boat. Now the problem is my husband is not ready to take this fact. He says that he is not going to support this loss. In fact, when I was making money in the market, he was enjoying the fruits and now that I’m passing through bad market phase, he is taking his hands off. In addition, he is also saying that he would prefer to take divorce then taking my losses on his shoulders. It is a question of patience but he does not seem to be supportive at all. Please guide me, what I should do?

If he is financially sound and is not ready to support you then this is very unfortunate. I’m sure in that case there may be other inter-personal issues also. If he is also in clutch then this might be reflecting his anxiety over losses. What you can do at present is buy some time rather then come to any conclusion. Sometimes you require time to accept and digest the losses. It seems that you have accepted the fact; he may need some time to accept it.