Dear Sir, I need your guidance for my brother. My elder brother got married 2 yrs back. His wife (My Bhabhi) started to fight with my parents just 1 month after their marriage on small-small matters. After some time we came to know that she had affair with someone before marriage and it is continued till date. From the beginning she won my brother’s confidence emotionally and made him against us. My brother doesn’t believe whatever we say to him about her (even about affair). We have doubt that she has physical relation too with her lover. Before 6 months she had big fight with us and at that time my brother had taken her side. After that they don’t live with us. They live alone in other house. Now there is no control on her and she meets her lover at home itself. Now my brother realized the fact and his mistake. However he doesn’t have any control on her. Whenever he tells anything to her, she gives threat of suicide. Often I get so angry that I feel like killing her. We (I and my father) get very angry by knowing the fact that a person of loose character is living with my brother and still we can’t do anything because my brother doesn’t support us. We want my brother to come out of this relation (Divorce) but he is not ready for this. Our concern is that after knowing all these facts, why he is not ready for divorce? How we can make him ready for divorce? Please help us to come out of this situation.

He knows that his wife is not faithful to him. You should discuss with him about it in straight manner provided he is ready. You have to show your eagerness to support him for any extreme decision like divorce. However, if he is not keen to take your support then you have to leave him to fight his own battle after conveying him that you are withdrawing because he does not want your help. I also feel that apart from helping your brother, you seem to have some revengeful attitude towards your bhabhi. Check this feeling too.