Dear Sir, I m 25 yr old married, working woman. my marriage life is good, rather I love another guy where I m working, he is my boss and his age is 42 yrs. he got affair before six months with another woman, I know her, but after some time he broke his relationship with her as he said. He shows me that he loves me also. However, I can’t trust him. Therefore, my problem is that sometimes I think that he changed now & sometimes not. I love him so much. I know extramarital affairs are not good thing, but it’s not a thing of my hand, I love him so much. I am waiting for your valuable answer; it will change my life. Thank you.

In spite of having your relationship, he developed an affair with other woman. Therefore, one thing is very certain that he took you and your love for granted. If he loved you then how could he developed an affair? Alternatively, that time there was no love and now that he has developed it? People does not change overnight so do not think that he is changed now; it is your love which makes you think this way. You should not allow any one to play with your emotion like this. Try to take control over your emotion and come out of your attachment. This will be better for you on long run.