Dear sir, I have facing problem regarding sustaining erection. I am 29 yrs and my girl friend is 23. We love each other so much. Once I am trying to make relationship with my friend, at starting I was so much excited and my penis was strongly erected, but after removing the cloths, I am not getting enough erection. I am failing to have sex with my partner and I am mentally down regarding this. After 6 months I am going to marry so for that reason I am also worried, please suggest me Please suggest me.

This is very normal when you are anxious about the act, the place is not right, you are doing under pressure etc. After one or two such failure, one starts developing performance anxiety and that maintains the failure. Do not worry, have a proper place and time for the sex, try to relax yourself during the act, involve more in foreplay and do not rush into the act. Go and get married without any tension, you do not have any major problem.