Dear Sir I have an unusual problem and even do not have a friend to solve it .I have a relationship with a person from last 5 years everything was going all well but some ego problem came in between and now he shifted himself to some other place we always use to fight on some or the other problem and for the first time we had a fight where we did not talked for about more than a month ,I love him still but not able to understand his opinion about the relationship he is not saying anything till now is this a break up or he want to continue whenever I ask him such questions he gets angry I cannot understand him completely is he seeing someone else or he doesn’t want to continue any more Please help now I am totally frustrated because I am not able to concentrate anywhere else.

It is really very frustrating when relationship does not seem to be working, particularly for woman. You should not avoid discussion just because he becomes angry when you ask him about relationship. Do not start talking about your relationship suddenly. Instead you tell him that you want to talk about your relations and fix up the meeting for that purpose only. This will make him mentally prepared for the discussion and compel him to think about it. If he does not turn up for the meeting or show no eagerness to meet for the purpose then probably you are heading for the break up.