Dear sir I have a big problem with my wife that she doubts me that I have an affair with a women which she knows off. That woman is well educated but my wife is uneducated. The things is woman to whom my wife doubts, I know her very well I am afraid of her because her husband is very close to me I respect him like my Brother our age difference is 12/15 yrs. I have no relation with her accept like friend thousands of times I tried to explain my wife I have failed she want to have sex every time my job is almost filed My wife usually comes with me but it`s not possible to be together all d time I am mentally depressed because of my wife behavior I am right in my path we have 2 boy children.

If you are right on your path then she must be suffering from paranoia. Paranoia could be situational, part of her personality or an illness to differentiate I need more details about her personality traits, family background and life events. Alternatively you can consult a psychiatrist together.