Dear Sir, I had friendship with 3-4 girls at different time and due to some reason we got separated. Though, I didn’t have physical relation with any of them. Ours was a purely emotion/feelings based friendship. Now, problem is that during our friendship I remain emotional and whenever our relation breaks I feel loneliness and sad and I can’t forget that relation for some time. After some time I started to live normal. The main thing is that I never expect any sexual type relation from any girl like others male. I just want some female friend at any moment of time with whom I can share all my feelings. It doesn’t matter that she is beautiful or not. After break of relation, for sometime I feel that now onwards I will never talk with any girl and I will live alone etc. but later on I again live as usual. I feel that I am emotionally dependent. Is it true? Please tell me what should I do? How can I control my emotion?

I think you are right; you are a person with strong emotional dependency needs. Because you are a male and girls are always better emotional supports you are more inclined towards female friends. You need work out on your emotional needs to come out of this problem, which requires lot of self-analysis and psycho-analysis.