Dear Sir, I had 2 affairs in past. During first affair, let’s say her name as T. This relation continued (last) for 1 year. We met each other 6-7 times. We were from same cast. We used to talk over phone for long. Generally we used to talk about our marriage and future life etc… I used to enjoy talking with her. We didn’t have any physical relation. Even we didn’t touch each other. Ours was a purely emotional relation. Our economic status was not equal. She was richer than me at that time. Also, I was just passed out my college and was not well settled at that time. She always used to realize me my economic condition. However I was very crazy for her and wanted to marry her. She was very practical and I was emotional. Though, we had feelings for each other. She always telling that “you are a very nice and kind person and the girl who marry you, will be very lucky”. Though she liked me too much, was not 100% ready to marry me. She was telling that let’s carry on our relation as it is and don’t expect marriage. Once, due to some misunderstanding I got angry with her and she got hurt badly. Though after that I apologized but she was disappointed with me and not ready to talk to me. The level of misunderstanding increased and we got separated. After sometime (1-2 year) I had affair with other girl. Say her as “N”. This girl was totally different than “T”. “N” loved me too much. Initially I was not that much serious in relation but seeing her love for me gradually I become serious. Again, we were from same cast. Our economic condition was equal. In this relation, “N” was emotional and I was practical. Here also we used to talk over phone for long and I used to enjoy talking with her. After almost 3 years, we decided to get engaged. But again due to some misunderstanding we got separated. I was very sad for sometime after breaking of each relation. Now I have got engaged with other girl say “D”. The problem comes here. I talk with my fiancée over phone for long but I don’t enjoy talking with her. I feel that I don’t love her from bottom of my heart. I feel that I just perform my duty as fiancé towards her. Though “D” loves me too much and much crazy for me. I know that “D” is much better than “T” and “N”. However, I don’t enjoy her Company as of “T” and “N” .I have not told her about my previous 2 affairs. I try my best to make her happy. I don’t do any injustice to her. I am totally devoted to her. But, often when I am alone, I still remember “T” and the time spent with her. 7 years passed to the breakup with “T” but still I remember her I want to enjoy company of my fiancée and want to forget the ex girlfriends and affairs with them. What should I do to get rid of this problem? Also, for so many times (almost 1-2 years) I don’t feel happiness from bottom of my heart. I am well educated, earning well (more than enough) and healthy. Other people can say that I am very happy. But I feel that something is missing in life and I am running to achieve it. I don’t know what is it for which I am running? How can I be happy?

Forgetting is an automatic process, only when you become aware that you are thinking about ‘T’; distract your mind. Initially you have to do it and after some time it will be automatic. Stop comparing your fiancée with your earlier girl friends.
Happiness is subjective experience and it is by product of your satisfaction with your present life. So stop churning your past and worrying about future, try to enjoy your present and whatever you have, happiness is bound to follow.