Dear Sir, I am writing this on behalf of one of my Friend. She was having affair with one of her colleague in Office. Though they didn’t have any physical relation at all. Both are from different state, religion and caste. Boy was ready for marriage but My friend couldn’t go ahead because of her family. Her parents have somewhat orthodox type of thinking. She likes her friend too much but she didn’t accept his proposal for marriage. She told him to go away from her life and broken all types of relation / contacts (as a friend, contacts by mail, phone etc). This happened one year back. Now problem is that even after doing all these things. She still remembers him and can’t forget him. She also doesn’t want to get married. I tried to explain her to forget all those things and look forward and to get married but She is not ready. How can I Convince her

Forgetting is an automatic process with the passage of time, provided you do not reinforce it. As she has stopped reinforcing acts like direct contact, sms, phone or mail; time will take care of his memories. You do not require doing any active thing except reinforcing acts.