Dear Sir, I am urgently in need of your help. It is now 5yrs for our marriage. My husband stopped having sex with me since 4yrs (after birth of our son). He used to give different reasons for not coming to me-1)My behavior, 2)that I have gone against him to my parents house,3)his mother complains a lot about me. Today I have completely changed, I do whatever pleases him. But now he tells me that he has turned ‘Insensitive’. He tells me to take him to a doctor. What do I do sir? I have been to counselors but of no use. Only waste of money. Please advise me about his behaviour. Ample foreplay does not make him react at all. Secondly also please recommend me a GOOD doctor in Mumbai where he will be given the right treatment. Is this curable? Will he regain his sensation? He is not sure of the exact reason for not having sex. Please Doctor please, advise me what to do. Day by day I am turning impatient, I cry every night in vain.

There may be number of reasons for him to turn insensitive, only interaction with him can give the correct clue. Consulting a psychiatrist will surely give some relief and will further help him solve his insensitivity issues. You may visit Dr. P.C.Shastri.