Dear Sir, I married a guy 4 years back and he is software engineer. He took 25 lakhs as dowry and 200 gms of gold as a dowry. He got work visa for USA. He said he would take me to US once he settled down there. He didn’t come back again. He settled down there with some other female. Even after these many days I am still waiting for him, when we asked his parents about the same, they demanded some more money as a dowry. My father couldn’t afford that. He started abusing me, started abusing about my character to avoid me. My entire family is in deep distress. Recently we have filed a dowry harassment case, and then he started calling me from USA. Threatening me started posting lot of stuff in different online forums and abusing about my character. I am in deep confusion. what shuld I do? I feel like committing suicide. What to do now? Please advise. Crying like anything. My parents are suffering like anything. I am the only daughter to my parents. Please save my life.

These are pressurizing tactics. You should not succumb to it. Before taking back the dowry case you should ask your dowry amount back.