Dear Sir, I am in affair with a girl who is 24 currently. Our affair is their since last 2 years. However, the problem is both of our families are against our relationship. We want to marry each other. We both are from different cast and religions. I am a Maharsahtrain Hindu and she is Guj Jain. Not only cast comes in middle our physical nature also is a problem. She is taller than me, I am m 5.1 ft tall and she is around 5.4 ft. So please guide what to do as none of our family members are on our side. However, we love each other and want to marry

Caste is one factor on which parents do not compromise easily, once objected. However, you may keep on convincing them and showing your firmness about getting married. Height is not an issue so far it is acceptable to both of you. It is your understanding and love for each other that matters, physical appearance is secondary.