Dear Sir I am happy to get advice from you. I already approached you two times and my problem was solved, thanks a lot for your help in all the ways. Now my problem is I got married four months back, after waiting for 8years love .He is staying in other country and I’m in other country as I’m working and studying.. But some rules have changed, so I can’t get him to my place. He can’t take me to his place where there is no scope for my studies and quite expensive and can’t manage with one person’s income. We were been together for one month after marriage. Nowadays I feel lonely; by the way I am staying with my sister in law who got married few weeks before we got married. She’s living with her husband. I don’t know what to do now. Everyone’s giving advice to me; to be here and earn money, don’t go to husband’s place. Really, I feel why people do not understand the feeling of others. My husband asks me to come but he himself is not sure about his decision whether it can be manageable. I am in one of the richest dream countries when compared to other place. Everyone is telling me not to leave till my visa is not expired. I want to be with him always but I think people around me don’t like us to live together. Please help me. What should I do?

Listen to what your heart and husband says. Even if he is not sure about managing it, give it a try. Most of the time things get settled down once you are into it.