Dear Sir, I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I got married on 16th Nov. 2005 at hapur which is the native place of my wife. At that time I was working at my home town bharatpur, Rajasthan. Since my marriage my wife was having some problems like she was not able to do the simple things, she used to sleep in excess, very less talking, always lying in the room and watching TV. For around six months of my marriage we were not able to engage sexually. At that time I and my family were carrying an image that she is innocent so we remain co-operative with her. I told this thing to her parents and they also tried to help us out. After wards she was taken to gynaecologist on different occasions and they told that she had lack of sexual desire. She suggested that if she will have a baby, things might go right way. so with help of few medicines we finally got the news that she is pregnant. During her pregnancy she was at our house and completely taken care by my parents. And on 2nd June 2007 we had a girl. After that I joined another company at Jaipur and started living there initially with my brother who was there previously. After that things started keep on worsening since that time I don’t have any sexual or emotional attachment with her, which was same from the first day of my marriage. In the month of Dec 2007 she was in Bharatpur and she left house without telling anyone, though we found her; get her back to home and I take her to Jaipur. I tried to explain to her but instead of understanding the things, she abused my parents and again left the house without informing any one. When my parents found her out she created a mess there, threw stones on them, bite on my mother’s hand and then from there itself she was taken to Jaipur. In Jaipur I took her to a psychiatrist and she told that it is a case of border line mental retardation and her IQ is 80 with a mental age of 13 years. So please suggest what should I do? I don’t want to live with her any more. I have also communicated everything to her parents but they are now blaming me and my family for all this. Every time they are threatening me and my family sometimes directly or indirectly that either I should continue with her or they will send me and my family to jail by false cases and all. So please help me out.

Mental Retardation is not a disease, it is developmental problem. It is from birth and cannot be treated. Her parents must be aware about her mental status and still got her married to you, without informing. You have to accept the way she is, as there is no cure. If you cannot, then you may seek divorce. Mental Retardation is a direct ground for divorce and you can get it very easily. Her parents may bully you for avoiding responsibility but you have to act assertively.