Dear Sir, I am a 22 years old boy & just completed my engineering degree. Now I am surrounded with lots of problems in my life. I can not understand what I have to do now? Earlier, when I faced any problem, your suggestion solved my problems. Thanks a lot for your help. Sir, I am from a well educated middle class family. My parents and brother all are employed. I am the younger one in the family. I have very good academic record in my career. I thought my life is going to be really happy after completion of Btech. But now actually I am dealing with a miserable life. My campus selection in a software company was cancelled. After that I am appearing in different public service exams, but still now I have not qualified in any exam. My first tension is regarding the Job. Since I am not getting a job, I have decided to go for MBA & my parents also agreed in that. The main problem is that I can’t give that much of effort towards study. I don’t know why I am not getting the interest to study as that was in my college days. I know without proper preparation, I will not qualify either in exam for job nor in MBA entrance. If I study with concentration for 1 day then in next day I am not able to study with that much of efficiency. Finally, I waste time in watching TV or chatting or porn movies. Why I am loosing my concentration in study? Now let me tell you about my personal problems that I can never share with my family members. First, I have undergone several break ups with my earlier girl friends. In some cases, it was a one sided love or misunderstanding or she left me. I easily fall in love with girls because I need someone who Loves me and cares for me, but they have always betrayed me. It’s true that I start searching for another girl when someone leaves me because the pain of break up really hurts me, and I don’t want to be a Devdas. If someone really loves me then I’ll be always with her, otherwise good bye to the relationship. Recently, a 9 month old online relationship with a girl (22 yrs old) was ended because she still thinks me as her friend. She told me that she can not love me. Also there was a misunderstanding between us to create such situation. I proposed her several times. You know sir whenever I’ll say her ‘I love you’… she replies me ‘I like you’. She told me she can’t love me because she will only love her husband. Then I understand she does not really love me, rather she was just acting and playing with my emotions. For last 1 month we are not talking to each other. Now my love for her has turned to hatred. Whenever her thoughts comes into my mind, I use as many as slang I know just to remove that feeling. I think love and breakup has become daily routine of my Life. Several times in a day my mood swings. Sometimes I feel the desire to study and other time my heart wants some girl’s love. I avoid romantic songs or movies, because that emotion only reminds me of my past and makes me emotional. Now I feel as if I am living an unpleasant life. All my problem starting from 1) cancellation of my job 2) Not qualifying any exam 3) Not getting a job 4) No mood to study hard 5) my miserable Love life. All these problems are making the situation worse. Sometimes I feel as my good career in Btech is going towards hell now and I am destroying my Life. I think if I can’t do anything in life, then I’ll choose the easy option to suicide. Please suggest me what I have to do now? I am really feeling alone and depressed now.

Looking to your problems, I think, you should seek help in person. Consult psychiatrist nearby.