Dear Dr. Thanks a million for all the suggestions you gave me. All of them worked. My husband today, expresses a lot of love & affection towards me. We have a lot of foreplay but he is scared to have sex, as he does not wish to have a second child right now, although I do not have any problem. (No financial prob.) He keeps on asking me to consult a gynaecologist, to enquire about the natural method of contraceptives (related to dates). We being Christians, our religion does not permit us to use any sort of contraceptives other than the natural way. Abortion is a grave sin. Can u please advise me; does the natural method of contraceptive help in avoiding pregnancy?

Menstrual cycle has a period called ‘Safe Period’ during which there are almost negligible chances of getting pregnant, provided your cycle is very regular. Seven days before the date of menstruation and seven days after the menstruation is a safe period. You have to avoid intercourse in middle 14 days.