Dear Dr. It`s been 1 year of our marriage and things are getting worst day by day between me and my husband. He is too possessive and egoistic. Initially I thought it’s out of love that he forces things on me but now I can figure out , its ego more than love. He has few problems; He is very short tempered. He loses temper on very small things. He wants I should agree to every damn thing he expects. He is not straightforward. If I ask him something, he will say yes in the beginning, but later he will make hype of that issue. For example, if I ask what needs to be cooked in dinner, he will initially say yes but then some fine day he will fight with me, saying I wanted to eat something else that day and you should have understood it. This is a very small example: his behaviour is same in almost all type of activities. Because of this, I am not able to trust his words and always puzzled to do or not to do things. He keep things in his mind, he also notes the negatives in me and never notice the positive things about me. Even small arguments between us are also there in his mind, he doesn’t want to ignore, he keeps and acts very weirdly at times. There are no big issues between us but small problems always takes shape of big fights. I always find my dignity and self respect is ruined by his behaviour. I myself am educated and it is tough to face this situation. His immaturity in handling relation has troubled not only me but also mine and his parents. He has a tendency to talk every husband wife things with his family members, which is kind of embarrassing for me. He conveys every small argument between us to his parents seeking suggestion from them. Kindly give me suggestion, how to deal with this kind situation.

His attitude and behaviour is a part of his personality, which could be at fault, roots of this fault lies in his upbringing, genes, life experiences, family environment etc. This requires good amount of analysis, coping strategies and corrective measure under the professional guidance. Kindly consult psychiatrist nearby or online .For this you might have to convince him by making him aware of his misbehavior, when he is in good mood. You also need to emphasis that this is for the benefit of your peaceful and long term marital relation. Just remember that you both have to go together for consultation his behavior cannot be improved by only one-sided efforts and that to from your side.