Dear Dr. I must say you are doing a fabulous job. You are spending so much of your valuable time for us all. The advice you gave me last time worked to a very great extent. Thanks a million sir. It is 3 yrs for our marriage we have a daughter who is 1&1/2 year old. I stay with my in-laws. I have another fly issue which I would like to seek your advice. This is a conflict between my mother in law & me. I feel she has a very bad habit of complaining to my husband about me & my fly. She never complains in my presence but when I go to the bedroom / kitchen, I hear her very often complaining about me & poisoning my husband’s mind about my parents. When I over hear these complains it irritates me a lot & I just feel like storming in to the room in which they are & shouting & screaming at her but I have not yet done this. I just cannot stand this behaviour of hers. What do I do sir? My husband loves his parents a more than me, he has, told me this very often. We have also been to a counsellor with our problem. But I feel things are the same for us. I feel my husband encourages his mother by hearing & reacting to her complains. He then reacts by sitting quietly in a corner, isolated. Sir, please advise me. What am I to do, should I react to her behaviour, or ignore them? Sir, please help me out

You have to address such issues intellectually, not emotionally. When your husband is not realising, there is no fun in complaining. Stop complaining about your mother in law. When you over hear her complaining about you, you go to her, look in her eyes and just give smile. She will be embarrassed. She may try to conceal her embarrassment by showing her anger or some reaction but do not bother about it. Only such embarrassment can stop her doing this activity.