Dear Dr., I got married in the last year and had one beautiful daughter in the two months before. We shifted her from in-laws to my home, as well as we reached our home she started crying and feeling guilty for nothing. We are only four members at home and there is nothing happened with her to feel guilt. We tried to convince her then she gets mum for that night, next day morning she started talking irrelevant things and fear. We consult psychiatrist and admit her in hospital, doctor said it is postpartum psychosis and will take 15 days to be stable, during the treatment she was not able to sleep about 15 days and her pulse around 150 average, doctor also not expecting the situation. Someone suggest to approach DARGA and we did, after that day she started sleeping in night, but there is no change in talking, she is under treatment and also take the opinion of other doctors and they agree with the treatment. Now after 1 and half month passed, we see somehow improvements. Doctor said, if she will not improve in this week then we have to go for ECT. Can you please tell me the ECT is reliable treatment and not required in future. Because I worked outside from my native and she has to stay with me lonely. Is this disease totally curable after taking treatment for some period? I love my wife and daughter and parents, so please suggest and give your opinion at the earliest.

Postpartum psychosis affects one to two women per 1,000 women who have given birth. If she has not responded well to medicines then ECT is a good option. It is very effective in most of the cases. Do not worry, if treating psychiatrist feels that it is necessary, you should go for that.