Dear Doctor, I was in a relationship with a guy since 2yrs.We used to be great friends before. He had problems with his career and I used to counsel him a lot.1 year of the relationship was good. But after that things changed. He is from a business family and I belong to a family of professionals. Now I have an inclination to pursue my career goals. He started to have problems as his family would not be supportive for my career growth. After a lot of fights he agreed but then I lost my feelings and I was unable to renew my love for him. Although he sometimes says he’ll support me no matter what his parents think, he again gets back to his old self sometimes. He says my losing love for him is the cause for all this. I got frustrated by this sequence of events and I broke up. Though I know he loves me dearly, but the family perceptions brought up made all the differences. Also in the initial phases he used to be very short tempered and hurt himself over a fight. These things although now are gone but they haunt me when even the other things aren’t going too positively. Is there a possibility that we can be together again or will we end up ruining our lives by being together? Please advice.

These are basic issues which you should consider before going further. When both of you have lack of understanding on this issues, you may find difficult to get along.