Dear doctor I have married to my distance relation. We have been married for 4 years. We are having a girl child of 3 years. My problem is my husband. I love him, I trust him, and I live only for him and my girl. However, he is cheating me lot for past one year he is having love affair with a girl. When I came to know, I asked him. He told no to worry nothing is like that. However, I frequently checked his sms and found that girl is sending romantic sms and he reciprocates. 4 months back they had some problem and girl told me that she would not contact him again. My husband got abroad job he also went. I was in peace. In between, my daughter had to undergo an operation so my husband came for that. During that time I came to know he is still have contact with that girl and he said that girl is his wife in his working place in abroad. That girl only told all this to me. My husband accepted his fault and told me he will not contact her again. We had a big fight. After 2 days, again sms came form her. I asked about this to both of them they said they are talking generally. How can I believe him I know he is still have love on her. That girl too. You pls tell what I should do. However, he has affection towards me and to my daughter. pls advice me, shall I believe him or I should discuss with his parents.

There are two kinds of women. One, who will tolerate their husband’s infidelity for various reasons and compromise with the situation in their own ways. Second, who will never tolerate such infidelity in any case and they either rebel or leave. I think. You are of the first type. However, there is no reason for which you should believe him after repeated cheating. At least you should involve his parents; probably he may remain under check.