Dear doctor, I came to know about your site by goggle search. Doc I have an online affair for 2 years now. I met this guy online. He is an Indian and I am Pakistani .He is Hindu Bengali guy. We both r good looking, attracted towards each other and get closer. We met last year in April at Dubai and we felt great. We miss that meeting. We went a little physical too. He has one problem of asking so many questions like had any sms? Any calls? Met that guy? this guy? He always thinks I go online chats with others too. And I really have stopped talking to other guys on phone or online. he showed so much care, affection, love for two years but lately we had fights and I can feel the change in his behaviour and this is really hurting me. I am acting like a puppet. We talk according to his moods. We can talk when he wants only he says harsh things to me. Talks rudely to me and his attitude are hurting me. He does not care what I want to hear or what I need. It’s a love dilemma .want to get out of it .want to quit this. We are in touch thru sms and yahoo messenger some times on phone too. Can u suggest me if I should leave him totally or should I keep trying?

Distance, nationality, religions etc might be creating insecurities in your relationship and that might be reflecting in his questioning attitude. On other hand he may be a suspicious kind of person. Let him know that he is hurting you by such attitude. Start talking about future of your relations i.e. whether you are going to marry? When? How? Etc. This will give clarity and reduce anxiety. If you are planning to break then tell him clearly mentioning reasons and stop all forms of contact. It may look difficult initially but if you are sure and clear from within then time will take care.