Believe me I am going through the worst phase of my life. Nothing is happening good, even any good news is not sounding good to me. My confidence is all the time low, I feel suffocated, torn apart; feel like to just end everything. None of the relations are working, my parents fighting as usual over thousands of issues they have accumulated in their life, and now I’m sick of all this. On top of this my personal relations are screwed. My marriage was almost fixed with the girl I liked a lot (she had the personality and all I dreamt of), I was already so deep into getting that relation but things did not happened the way I wanted to. Before this girl said yes to our relation, my parents rushed me to finalize another relation saying that the first relation is dead, there is no response etc, however, I kept on saying multiple times please ask them once more before we finalize the second relation. But no they would not just listen, and within one week I took the biggest and my most worst decision of my life to accept the second relation, wherein the girl is nice by nature and all but not close to the image I had in my mind (and am not sure she would be able to cope up with my lifestyle). To add the nail in the coffin 7 days post to this, the Girl from the first relation called me up and said yes to our relation. Since then, things are becoming worse and worse for me. I do not know what to do, one way is the girl to whom I have given a commitment but am not sure I would be able to love and other way is the girl whom I wanted to marry but I am bounded and cannot say yes. The ring ceremony and wedding is in November, and am not internally happy about it. I don’t know am I also justifying the girl am marrying to? Please help, am killing myself internally and emotionally.

If you feel that you won’t be able to make her happy (the girl you are going to marry) then talk to her honestly and break the engagement. It is always better to step back then going ahead and spoil some body’s life as well as your life.