After 10 yrs. of married life I became depressed with my husband’s behavior .Now for last two months I have a relationship with a man who stayed 10,000 miles away only through calls and emails. Recently my husband had seen one of my mails to that man and got frustrated. Till today we cannot sleep. He starts regular smoking, he stops watching news, sports reading newspaper which were his favorite time pass. I have explained him that everything has a positive side. Like in this incident we discover our inner mind that we really love each other but you misbehaved with me and I misunderstood you that you don’t love me, but he cannot accept it. He is interrogating me every night. He used to humiliate me every time when I come back from office. I am working so I have to get up every morning and go to office. It spoils his and as well as my health and mental peace .So, please help me .I want to bring him his normal life. He is very rigid character, introvert, and honest person with good principals. But rude in behavior .To him family is main priority, and I am secondary. I have to always sacrifice to maintain peace in his family. Please help me to make him normal, happy married person.

It is difficult to digest wife’s infidelity for any men. It is even more difficult for honest and man of principals. Do not try to justify your affair, apologize instead. You have to keep really good patience for him to come out of this. It is a time to show your honesty, affection and care in everything you do.