Sir, I am 27 yrs old woman I have one 1 ½ yrs baby. I have a problem in my marital relation. Our marriage is love marriage, my parents were not agreeing for that marriage. We know each other from last 12/14 yrs ago. And after my graduation completed I had forced my husband for getting marriage he is not agree on that time but for me he is ready for this. However, he is not doing any thing before marriage (leaving the job after every 06 months) he doing laziness in all job. After marriage, I am doing job till the date. However, he never changed his behaviour. 2-3 months after my marriage I got new job. There was very friendly atmosphere but he never like that. I became pregnant after one year he also never liked that. He is doubting a me and due to this I have lot of problems started in my married life, my baby is now 1 ½ yrs old but I am leaving in my mothers house I want to change his mind I want to make my family, please tell me any suggestions about my relations.

From very short description of your husband’s attitude, I feel that he might be having some personality problem or schizophrenic illness. However, I require detail information of his nature, behaviour and thoughts to come to conclusion. To change his mind, I think you should take psychiatrist’s help. He will help you to diagnose his problem as I suspect.