My boyfriend and I have been in an on/off relationship for the past 2 and half yrs. I was the one who approached him. We both got into the relationship with the intention of getting married. I really love him and I know his commitment is 100%. But as a person I have always been outgoing but he’s an introvert. He always gets annoyed with other people and their ways. He expects me also to be only with him and not have friends around me. He is really important to me so I tried to be that way. But somewhere I keep feeling bad that I hurt my friends because of this. He doesn`t understand this. He has a problem with a lot of things that I do. We don`t meet often. Our only means of communication is through texting. He gets annoyed if I even go out for lunch with my friends and stops texting but comes back in a few days. Sometimes I only apologize even if I don`t think I am wrong. But I can’t tell him how I feel or he will get upset. He says he expects me to speak out or else it`s not fair but whenever I do we end up in a fight. I can’t understand if I am immature or what the problem is. Please help me analyze this situation I am in.

The problem is you both have different mind sets and nature, you need to ask him to discuss this out with a open mind and you have to come to some compromising conclusion on both the sides. You cannot go long way keeping these differences in mind as it might affect your inter personal relation later in life.