I wrote to u earlier, I have been married for past 15 years. I have supported my husband taken care of all family needs without troubling him. I felt that was my duty and felt happy doing it. He was a stickler for perfection and non-appreciative of my efforts. I took it as his pre-occupation with work. We talk about children and all necessary home requirements. I always felt that he was emotionally distant but then I justified it as his nature. sometime during our marriage his grandmother checked me from calling him by his name, funny thing is that he told me to do no such thing except in front of them instead he stopped addressing me by my name, it started troubling me and when I asked him why he said he had no answer. I was confused but overlooked it. Communication was indeed a problem where he was concerned. Of late he is always critical of my talking to my sisters he has to counter everything I say. Always tries to find faults. Sex life is good. Talk about laughter it is not there. He blames me for not being supportive and that I was not a good choice of wife but he is committed to marriage. Well I have tiptoed through my marriage so that I keep him in good humour. Nothing I do is good enough for me. Anything I do or pursue, he has to pass a judgement for that. On good days things go happily. Somewhere I seem to have broken my spirit, I go along but that’s not the same thing. How do I bring a some balance of harmony in my life? My 11year old son looks dejected and distant. When I tell my husband, he says that he is spoilt. Help me see light.

After 15 years of togetherness, it seems that you were never compatible with each other (it is evident from your earlier mails). It is difficult to bring a change with only one sided willingness; he should be equally ready to work out for improving relationship. Talk to him without blaming him for anything; show your willingness for strengthening the relationship. Ask for his help in doing so. Once he is convinced then start taking counselling together.