I got married in dec 2006. Let me tell u about my past 1 year. My husband loves me a lot. But right from the start, he does not trust me at all. He feels insecure and used to say bad words even if I look at someone unintentionally while going to a crowded place. After 15 days of our marriage, he accused me that he saw me looking at my brother in law with not so good intentions. I told him that he is wrong. But he accused me on several occasions for my brother in law and for other men, even if I do not know them. He was very much affected with the articles or news or cases and even movies which show wife’s affair or ditching. We tried to have physical relations but were not successful. He forced me for a pregnancy test even if we did not have any relation in April 2007 just because of his distrust. He also lost his job in Feb. 2007 (after 2 months of our marriage). He and his family lied to us regarding his salary and about my father-in-law drinking habits. Later, he also started drinking and told me that he used to drink occasionally. He also suffered from acute depression, had lost confidence and felt suicidal. He used to say bad words and always remain suspicious on me. Our problem was so severe that we had to visit a psychiatrist in April 2007. Medicines initially helped and he was having side effects (dizziness, burning sensation, and feeling that he will not survive the next day), so we had to stop those medicines. Then with the family intervention, we started taking medicine from a psychiatrist from a leading hospital in Aug 2007. Now he has started trusting me a bit (about 30-40 %). But after he started medicine in aug 07, my husband does not have desire to have intimate relations with me. We did not have any sexual relations from the past 9 months. His parents do not know our sexual problems. Now even after 15 months of our marriage, He does not have a job. He is not able to sleep at night and so remain sleeping till I come from job at 3 o’clock (I am a Teacher). He has stop drinking from Feb. 08. Right from the start, I am bearing all our expenses though he has some savings which I later got to know. He does not share his childhood and his past memories with me and is very secretive. We never had an intercourse and he does not have desire or ejaculation now. Before marriage, he said that he used to get excited even with the visuals and movies. Now my patience is giving way. He become childish sometimes and is fully dependent on me. He feels lonely without me and so he does not allow me to go to my home to meet my parents. My marriage is in trouble. I do not want to leave him. What should I do? Please advice.

He might be suffering from Paranoid Disorder or paranoid personality or paranoid Schizophrenia. All these conditions are serious mental illnesses. Follow your Psychiatrist’s advice very judiciously. He should be in continuous treatment, sometimes for life time. Your treating doctor is in the best position to tell you about outcome. His sexual problem may be the part of an illness or side effects of medicines. Always stay in touch with psychiatrist and follow his advice.