Hi, I am 32 years old and married from last 7 years. I have one daughter. My mom stays with me to take care of my daughter. My husband doesn’t like it but I can’t send my daughter to day care or with anyone else. My husband drinks and tells me that he drinks because of this. Please suggest what to do. Ours is love marriage but seems that now days more than love issues are bigger and feel like we are staying together for the sake of daughter and society. When I get upset about our relation, I end up thinking about one of my best friends. I tried talking to my hubby but he is not ready to listen. What do I do?

People, who are addicted to alcohol, have tendency to give various reasons for their drinking but most of reasons are to exploit the situation. If he does not want your mother then discuss with him about alternatives. If he is comfortable spending and thinks that maid can do better job than your mother then keep maid.