Hello sir, mine is a complicated case. I m in love with a guy for the last 2yrs. The problem is he is not sure of his feelings for me. At times, his behaviour is as if he really loves me but then he is not ready for committing. He knows of my feelings for him. Recently while talking on the phone with him I expressed my desire of at least to hug him n kiss him. He said that he also wanted to have physical relation with me. And that he finds me hot n sexy. After that, we did have phone sex and he seemed to have enjoyed both the times. I would like to know that if I had sex with him; will it make him committed to me? Will it develop our relationship?

He conveyed that you are sexy and hot, that means he is physically attached to you and not emotionally. In this condition if you will go ahead for sex, then he will never commit further. Why you should fall for a guy who thinks that you are sexy rather then having a feelings for you? Tell him that you are not one who will go for a sex until feel that he is committed to you. Then wait until things get clear to you.