4 years ago I started a relationship with a guy (say X) and was deeply in love with him, about two years ago, his family showed dislike towards me and his sister intentionally humiliated me a lot. I found him to be biased and inclined towards his family and seriously lacking in providing the assurance and security that I needed in such a juncture to think about my future. This turned me off and I tried to move on by replacing the vacant part of my life with another fling that ended up soon. Now, I realize that I am such an emotionally weak person who is scared of being alone. So I again drifted towards Mr. X .But by then we both had grown up and somewhere deep down our affinity for each other had ruptured a lot. We frequently fought and quarreled, abused each other and I especially became sick and bored of him. He was non-understanding and ill-tempered. He often humiliated me in public, in front of friends and neighbors. His over-possessive, rather obsessive nature drew me away from all my new and old friends and my life became suffocating with only him around. Above all he taunted me publicly with my very intimate secrets of life. I broke up with him a month ago and now, eventually I am with another guy who is THE MR.PERFECT in every sense. But the worst part is that Mr. X has come to know about it and is making my life hell in all possible ways by involving my parents, threatening of scandal, insulting me, etc. He is simply outrageous and dangerous. Should I feel sorry for hurting him? How should I handle my present boyfriend?

You should take your present boy friend into the confidence and tell him everything. so that he should never feel that you have hide this in case your old boy friend tells him anything. Do not afraid of your old boy friend. He should feel sorry about what he did to you, not you.