I have many questions to ask. But first I would like to ask about my emotional problem. I have completed my engineering in the year 2000.i worked for an institute but I had to leave the job because of my boyfriend’s behavior. He is less educated than me and a bit orthodox type. He loves me to the core but is overtly protective. I have not had a sound childhood due to fights between my parents and their lack of interest in me. Right now I am unemployed since 4 years and going into terrible depression day by day, my parents are old now and my boyfriend and I are just with each other for compromise sake. I am totally messed up with my life and feel like ending it. Please try to give me a solution for this.

You did not described which behavior of your boy friend compel you to leave job, why you are jobless since 4 years (you are not getting job or your boy friend is not allowing you to do the job) and why your relationship is on compromise mode.
Right now, what I can suggest you is to find out the job and start working.