Hi, I am Jasper. I am Doing my UG. My family is a very good and decent family living in a village. We are a middle level family living in tradition way. My problem is about my MOM. She is around 50 yrs old and working as a teacher in a govt school. She is average tall and not fat and having no medical problems. I get depressed and feel bad and irritated to see her wearing saree exposing her navel. In house she will not hide her navel and often while going to school and marriage functions she exposes it badly. Mostly I feel to die when peoples eye points her navel this happens when I go with her out. (I think she notices it) another thing is my friends visit my house often because my college is near my house. At that time I see some friends staring at her and passing comments (I have heard it).I don’t know why she is doing like this. She watches film and sure, she knows what is going on film (Navel shows of heroines).However, even she doesn’t take any steps to hide. Can any one help me how can I let to know my mom about this? Moreover, stop exposing her navel. Whether there is any book giving advice. Plz answer and give me advice. Or is there anything wrong on me. Plz think on my side.

Many females have habit of exposing their navel while they are dressed up in sarees. It is consider sensuous and they do it for seeking an attention of others. In Most of the cases, it is associated with personality. They do not find any thing wrong in this. Nevertheless, I agree with you, at certain age it is not desirable. Talk to her about this in very quiet way (I mean do not offend, advise or confront). You may think of taking help of your sister, if you have.