Hello sir, I am in a great problem these days. I love a guy from 2yrs who is not of my caste and we want to marry. Also his parents have agreed our relationship but my parents are not. I am trying to convince them from one yr. Also his parents came at my home n talked with my parents but my parents didn’t show any interest and they walked away just like that. Now his parents are pressuring us to get married early. Even I’m ready but I don’t have that much guts to tell my parents. Once mom asked me n I told her that his parents are planning for our marriage next month, she got angry a bit n after that nothing happened at home. Also I am bit tensed that if I marry against their involvement our society n relatives would speak ill. Other thing is that I am not able to show that much happiness for my own marriage because my parents are not getting involved. Pls dr pls help me. Even m not able to talk with my fiancé as he is getting burdened from all sides. Just help n pls tell me how I start a topic at home n tell them, I am getting scared to talk with my parents cos my dad is very short tempered so he wouldn’t listen to me and directly start fighting n hitting me n mom starts crying n cursing me. Do you think should his parents call n tell them? Also how should I forget all this tension n show eagerness for my marriage preparation my in-laws are doing in. Due to all this only narrow minded parents are at fault and I have really started hating them. I have started thinking negative. Pls let me know how I can think positively for all wrong things happening in my life. Sir I really need ur help, I thank u very much from my heart for helping me earlier also. Again I need your help. I hope you would understand what I m saying n what m going through. I am in confusion and very scared. Pls help me. Pls advice

If every things are set at your in-laws’ end and you are ready for it, then you have only one option left for your parents. The option is, give them a deadline; till you will  wait for their permission and then onwards you will go on your way. If you do not have courage to tell this to your dad, tell to your mom; any way it will reach to him. If you have made up your mind for this marriage then be prepared to take your parent’s retaliation. This could be verbal as well as physical.
Getting married without parent’s consent is always stressful and you will keep tense about this. Only relief for you is; you are accepted at the end where you are going to stay for your life.