Dear Sir, I was going though the questions and answers related to the sex life, thanks for good information. I wish to share my problems. I am married since 17 years and am happy with my wife. But I want to enjoy my sex life. Want to have a variety. Wish to experience sex with another woman other than my wife to have a feel. I’m really anxious. This thought is there since 6 years. My question is it wrong to think like that. I have talked about it to my wife. But she is does not like it. But I am desperate. I keep on asking my wife. Some times I tell my wife about my frustration to have sex with other woman. Is any thing with my thought, I some time feel I will become mentally upset. I ask my wife have I gone mad. I am really desperate to have fun and enjoy my life and have safe experiences, how to convince my wife. Please help.

Your thoughts are part of normal men’s fantasy. However, acting upon it may not be acceptable to your wife. No woman on this earth would ever like her husband talking of having sex with other woman. So rather then  wasting your efforts in convincing her try to spice up your life with other ways and means.