Dear Sir, I have seen one bride for marriage. She is 24 yr old, M Com, 5′ 2″ and from good family background. She is simple and homely Girl. Average in looks. I am an Engineer and 29 yr old. Good looking, 5’7″. I have one breakup. This girl is almost good but she is Slim/thin. Her breasts are not developed at all. She has selected me. She doesn’t have any objection with my earlier breakup. Now I have to tell my decision. I just have problem with her breast. My Elders tell me that her physical development will be done after marriage as in most cases Girl is physically developed after marriage. Is it true? In addition, I have one breakup. So due to this I have to make compromise on this point. What do you say? Should I move forward? Please give me reply soon. Thanks.

Girls do gain weight after marriage, but not all. Breast may or may not increase in size. Now a day, break up is not something for which you have to compromise. You should go ahead if you are comfortable with her current looks and qualities.