Dear Dr, I am 27 years old and got married 2 years ago. I am not happy in my married life. My husband doesn’t spend time with me at all. He is taking his exams for FRCA from the time we got married. He is not using his time for studies or for me. he just watches TV and sits before computer. I don’t have anyone to talk with. Just I am left alone most of the time. I ask him to give me at least 10 min but in vain. he always hits me and hurts me with abusive words which I couldn’t forget. I am so much hurt. Even our sex life is not good. We have only once for every 2 or 3 months. I try speaking to him about this and his behavior toward me. But he just ignores me. I couldn’t bear to see him wasting his time without preparing for exams, because for the past 2 years he is not concentrating either in exams or in personal life. He hits for silly and simple reasons. I came to UK leaving my well paid job (as he requested) to be happy with him. I did not tell all this to my parents till now. please help me sort out this problem.(UK)

I hope he does not have any serious reasons for not giving you time (reasons can be anything like not liking you, his involvement some where else, his addiction to computer or TV etc.). Only you can make out this from his behavior or discussing with him. You should discuss this issue with him rather then just bagging for his time.
I’m not sure whether you are working or not but if you are not then start working. You need to develop your own worth and your own circle. If you start keeping yourself busy in your own schedule he will start feeling your absence and probably insecure also. You may speak to his parents rather then speaking to your parents.
Lastly, you should not tolerate his physical violence as each tolerated violence increases future possibilities of such an act in more serious way. You may warn him, hit back (this may end in more hitting at once but makes him to think twice before becoming physical in future), you may report his act to his parents and finally to police if need arises (Taking help of police in UK is very effective) .